ITI Solutions is a provider of high quality Information Technology and Intelligence Operations Consulting Services focusing on Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) Support Services for US Government Agencies in the continental US and overseas.
 tecomsys Technology and Communications Systems, Inc. (TECOMSYS) is a radio frequency (RF) and communications engineering firm specializing in the design of advanced communications system solutions. TECOMSYS offers a range of products and services across the frequency spectrum from 30 MHz through 26 GHz.
 up-rev Up-Rev, Inc. is a dynamic, small business dedicated to the development of new technologies for both commercial and military applications. Up-Rev specializes in high-tech physical fitness and combat training products designed to promote physical fitness, enhance athletic ability, and increase situational awareness.
 commemorative-rockers-more Commemorative Rockers & More LTD (CRM) is a retired military, family owned small business committed to honoring those who proudly served their countries, communities, or corporations. CRM strives to be the world’s premier supplier of unique commemorative/memorial gifts.