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FusionWard is the next-generation sensor network that takes advantage of an Internet of Things (IoT) type architecture – bringing flexibility, scalability, and affordability to tactical sensor networks. By employing networking principles established in the commercial IoT space, SCIS can deliver the same open network architecture where interfaces are discoverable, services are scalable, and integration time is minimized – accelerating the velocity of integration and interoperability.  SCIS utilizes both an open-source and open-architecture software approach delivering a solution that is affordable and sustainable. 

The IoT has ushered in several flexible wireless open-standard interfaces like ZigBee, Z-Wave, and LoRa, along with numerous low-cost sensors for home, office, and industrial automation.  Motion detection, security cameras, switches, software defined radios (SDR) are all available through online retail sites who offer global overnight distribution.

FusionWard is an operator-friendly solution allowing small tactical units to use open-standard sensors to create efficient ISR networks. Leveraging IoT principles like “If This, Then That,” (IFTTT) FusionWard automates network connections and tasks by guiding users through a process to make simple scripts, aka “recipes,” where an event in one device or service automatically triggers an action in another.

FusionWard – facilitating the ability of tactical units to quickly configure and reconfigure sensors into a network of cost-effective, connected capabilities increasing situational awareness and providing unprecedented ISR coverage.