Tactical SDR Kit consisting of ruggedized IoT network and receiver components designed for small team training and employment

From TTP development to operational deployment MANTIS offers a flexible user-defined experience. Operators can choose from predefined configurations or take full advantage of MANTIS’s modularity to create any number of mission-specific configurations.


• Ruggedizes common lower tier SDR & IoT building blocks to create an affordable and flexible mission ready EW capability.

• Drives commonality in power & connectivity across several SDRs.

• Kit includes common interconnect and power cables.

• Kit bundles COTS SDRs, IoT processors, cables & batteries into a single rugged waterproof case with a single SKU.


• A cost-effective platform to develop TTPs and deploy with the same kit – Train like you Fight.

• Preloaded open-source software allows freedom of movement in the EW spectrum by tailoring to mission parameters.

• IOT processors allow remote and autonomous operations.

See the full brochure here MANTIS Brochure 2024