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SCIS provides full life-cycle software engineering support to various Department of Defense customers and their systems. Our talented engineers are responsible for the operations and maintenance of database management systems (SQL, NoSQL, RDBMS), data processing and analysis, the implementation and integration of Research and Development (R&D) applications, and system integration and test.

Cyber Secure Software Development

Our higly experienced sofware team provides custom cyber secure software solutions.  We specialize in Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Sensor Command and Control, Graphical User Interface (GUI) applications design and development, mobile apps, and simulation.  The SCIS development process conforms to cyber security best practices and standards as defined by NIST, OWASP, IEEE, and other governing bodies.  With a strong focus on cloud-oriented solutions, our team specializes in Client/Server architectures to include microservices, Service Oriented Architectures (SOA), and scalable RESTful APIs. SCIS solutions place emphasis on cross-platform technologies providing maximum flexibility to our customers. We conduct vigorous verification and validation of our secure designs and implementations using static and dynamic analysis tools, a strong Agile and DevOps software process, thorough code review, and a formal testing process. Strict procedures for approving third party libraries, components, and tools ensuring continuity, maintainability, and secure data handling.  SCIS cyber secure software development approach achieves a high-efficiency workflow while minimizing cost and overhead.